Daymak Combat Ebike

The Daymak Combat ebike is a powerful, electric vehicle that can be used  all year long. Not matter the terrain dirt or snow the Combat can fight them all. The Combat Ebike comes with rugged off tires and a complete kit to convert for snow that can be changed in 1 hour. It comes with a 4800WH Lithium battery pack for a range of up to 80 kms/50 miles and with a 5000W motor with top speed of 70 kmh /44 MPHS which allow you to climb any mountain up to 35 degrees. The Founders edition you can select your own unique number from one of the first 100 units built and also comes with free perks! The Combat has no emissions and no fuel costs—it’s basically just pure adrenaline powered by electricity.

Daymak Combat Ebike

The Combat Ebike

Perfect for any weather or terrain!

Feel the Power

1000 W
Motor Power
1000 Wh
Lithium Battery
1 km/h
Top Speed

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Combat Jacket

Get the Combat Jacket when ordering the Founders Edition of the Combat to have the look that goes with the bike.

Combat Backpack

Get a free backpack to carry whatever you may need with all orders of the Combat Founders Edition.

Combat Ebike Cover

Leave the Combat out in the snow or rain with this polyester cover, exclusively for all Combat Founders.

Dealer Packages of 10 and 25 units

Save 20-25% off the MSRP by buying large quantities. Become a dealer with as little as a $10,000 deposit!