The first electric bike for snow and dirt. Made in Canada.


Take Over the Woods

Go with the front wheel and tackle tough terrain like mud, grass and sand.

Embrace the Cold

Switch to the front ski and rear track and cruise across the snow

Combat Jacket

Get the Combat Jacket when ordering the Founders Edition of the Combat to have the look that goes with the bike.

Combat Backpack

Get a free backpack to carry whatever you may need with all orders of the Combat Founders Edition.

Combat Ebike Cover

Leave the Combat out in the snow or rain with this polyester cover, exclusively for all Combat Founders.

First units arrive 2023

The first units will arrive June 2023 for the Founders Edition or Q4 2023 for the regular edition!

See it in Full Action

Whether you're looking for something for the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter the Combat Ebike is ready to take on whatever you can throw at it. Able to switch from wheels to skis the Combat is the true definition of All Terrain.

Designed by Steven Foster

Steven Foster has brought his dream of an on-road/off-road vehicle, which is able to ride through all the elements, to life. With the help of Daymak’s engineering and development team it has been smooth riding ever since.